Welcome to Areena

Every painting of Areena’s carries a signature hidden within the colors, laying next to her feelings, thoughts and love, awaiting patiently for anyone with a keen eye to discover and unveil it...

Areena - Irina Atskvereli was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in a family of a doctor and an architect. From early age she was expressing herself through paintings and later on attended school organised by Union of Painters of Georgia, received a degree in a University of Foreign Languages. Unfortunately when the civil war hit Georgia, and the hunger with poverty settled in the streets of the capital, Areena had to leave her country to endeavour in a business of Information Technologies. She worked at the bank in Moscow, became a director of an IT company in London, was running IT companies in Marbella. Areena participated in an International Beauty and Culture Contest Ms Globe in California, USA, took titles Ms Georgia Globe 2005, Ms Globe 1st RU International 2005 and became a spokes woman for a Charity Foundation W.I.N (For women and children in need). But her greatest vocation was still painting. While visiting Greece - the Cradle of Culture, Areena fell in love with the combination of ancient history, hospitality and warmths of Greek people. She decided to settle down in Athens and fully dedicate herself to the journey of Art. Areena's works are in private collections in USA, UK, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Russia, Georgia, Montenegro.

Expression in Art

"I paint on canvas with brushes of my soul..."

Areena works with pencil, watercolors, pastels and oil. Among her favourite themes are realistic portraits with a touch of a renaissance epoch.

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